Preventative Auto Maintenance Service in North Mankato, MN

  • Preventative Auto Maintenance Service in North Mankato, MN

    Many drivers or car owners do not understand the importance of preventative maintenance.

    Most people assume that if the car isn’t exhibiting some kind of failure, it’s working just fine. This may be true but an issue can go on undetected for quite some time unless vehicles receive the proper attention. It is thus important to remember that an automobile engine needs to be a finely-tuned machine. One small issue left unchecked can cause catastrophic failures in the future.

    It is financially prudent to have a regularly scheduled car maintenance. Dean's Northtown Auto Repair & Towing Services, the most trustworthy auto shop in North Mankato, can ensure the longevity of a vehicle by providing assistance on small issues before they turn into big ones. Auto maintenance is as important as repair and any other auto care service.

    Dean's Northtown Auto Repair & Towing Services doesn’t only perform major mechanical repairs and replacements. We also perform preventative maintenance on even the smallest and most overlooked parts of the vehicle’s systems. If the car is fresh off the lot, worry not for we are a certified North Mankato’s Dealer Alternative. We accept the majority of dealer warranties and perform the services to keep your warranty active.

    Here are the General Health Checkup Services Dean's Northtown Auto Repair & Towing Services provides:

    • Comprehensive Safety Inspection – Our ASE Master Certified Technicians can conduct the state safety inspection and provide the needed repairs to ensure a passing score.
    • Oil and Filter Service – We check the status of your oil as well as the engine air intake filter. We will alert you if anything is needed.
    • Coolant System – Our mechanics make certain that the proper levels of coolant in your radiator are present. We can also perform a Coolant Flush upon request or as needed.
    • Check Engine Light – If your check engine light turns on, it can only mean one thing – your automotive engine is in trouble. Many drivers dread this dashboard indicator because it may mean several possible issues on a vehicle. If this warning light is flashing on your dash, do not delay and call us immediately. Otherwise, you are risking further damages to your prized vehicle.
    • Brake System Check – Checking your vehicle’s brake system is by far one of the most important services we perform. Maintaining your brake’s integrity will safeguard you and your passengers’ safety.
    • Transmission – Maintaining the health of your transmission is critical. Flushing the transmission fluids is just one of the steps we take to save you money.
    • Tires – The tires are inspected to look for unnatural or uneven wear. Unnatural wear patterns can indicate problems with your alignment or suspension.
    • Battery Service – Checking the charge level and health of your battery is a great way to ensure that your car starts every time you turn the key.
    • Belts and Hoses – Replacing belts and hoses at the recommended interval provides an assurance that no leaks or timing issues will occur in the near future.
    • Minor Checks – Our full preventive maintenance service also checks the status of multiple minor vehicle systems. These include the windshield wipers and Passenger Cab Air Filter. These preventive maintenance checks guarantee the health and longevity of your vehicle. Dean's Northtown Auto Repair & Towing Services technicians have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to check everything about your car. Take the guess work out of your vehicle and leave the dirty work to us so you can make sure that your car is healthy and reliable for years to come.

    Preventative Auto Maintenance in North Mankato

    Drivers in North Mankato say that we are the best auto repair shop in town – and we agree. Our team consists of highly-experienced professionals who share a passion for car care. We also undergo continual training in servicing various cars, SUVs, and light truck models released through the years. You can count on us to expertly handle any type of engine, make, or build.

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